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Welcome to Hawkstone Builders Customer Service
Hawkstone Builders thanks you for choosing our home for you and your family. Our construction team will strive to present you with a defect free home at the time of closing that you will enjoy for many years to come. However, we realize that with new home construction there will be items that naturally occur and require minor adjustments and corrections. In the event that you should experience these occurrences, Hawkstone Builders would like you to know how to get them resolved quickly and efficiently.   Also, specific products used in your home have manufacturers warranties. This information will be given to you at the time of pre-settlement.

In addition to this warranty package, we have provided you with the Hawkstone Builders’ Warranty Manual. This manual contains information on specific components of your home, the occurrences that Hawkstone Builders will warrant, and supplemental details on maintenance and homeowner responsibility.  Please carefully read through this manual prior to your Pre-Settlement Orientation so that you may prepare any questions you may have regarding the warranty coverage and the responsibility of both the homeowner and Hawkstone Builders. This will be time well spent to avoid any future misunderstandings.

We would like to see that obtaining service on your new Hawkstone Builders is a simple and friendly experience. The following steps will lead you in the right direction.

1. Identify the problem or situation.
2. Review the Hawkstone Builders Warranty Manual to determine if the problem or situation is covered under the warranty.
3. Inform Hawkstone Builders of your concerns so that we may follow up with the correct subcontractor or utility company.

In order to inform Hawkstone Builders of a particular concern or to request service directly from the Hawkstone Builders, you may do the following:

1. Click here to fill out our online Service Request Form
2. Call Joe Bechtel at 307-421-2309 or email at jbechtel.hawkstone@gmail.com
3. Put your request in writing and forward it to:

Hawkstone Builders
3684 Scout Rd.
Cheyenne WY 82009
Attn. Customer Service

Upon receipt of a service request, a Hawkstone Builders Representative will contact you within a 48 hour period to review your concerns, set up an appointment with you to assess your concern and take the appropriate action.
When requesting service, please remember to include all phone numbers at which you may be contacted and your address and subdivision.

Hawkstone Builders will make every effort to solve or correct your concern as promptly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

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